ACT: The Actors Conservatory Theatre

Actors Conservatory Theater’s mission is to bring classic literature to young minds through plays and musicals while promoting interest in and fostering appreciation of the performing arts in children. Its aim and purpose is to provide the opportunity for all residents of the community interested in any phase of theatre to participate and to provide a strong format so that every child, without regard to race, creed, color, wealth, handicap, or national origin, can express the creativity within.

Joe Ann Brooks founded The Actors Conservatory Theatre in 1999, with the goal of providing quality children’s theatre to the community while giving all children the opportunity to learn about and experience theatre. Determined to bring the dramatic arts to children when there were no indoor venues available, Miss Joe Ann (as everyone called her) found ways for the actors to perform outside instead. Our first productions in the Samuel Lusk Amphitheatre in Flower Mound brought many challenges: sound and lighting were difficult, the weather did not always cooperate, and the dirt and splinters were sometimes too much to bear.  But the group persevered with the help of our strong volunteer base and the theatre-loving children, and has continued to grow throughout the years.

Throughout our history, we have earned a reputation as an inclusive and educational theatre, giving all children the opportunity to participate by offering a role to every auditioning child and by keeping our participation fees as minimal as possible. This approach provides a chance for all families involved to learn about the adapted literature behind each play, produces consistently stunning sets and costumes designed for each production, and creates excellent shows that appeal to audience members of all ages.  We are a unique teaching theatre, where all children, regardless of natural ability or personal challenges, are free to explore theatre and grow in confidence in an encouraging and supportive environment.

As a family theatre that encourages preschool through high school children to audition and encourages families to volunteer to help make the productions come to life, we have come a long way since those first performances in 1999.  A great deal has happened since then, including several venue changes before arriving at our current home, located at 359 Lake Park Rd. #118 in Lewisville, Texas.  Once again, our volunteer-driven theatre family came together to make our dreams possible by building a theatre inside our new space. This volunteer spirit is not unusual for us: parents, siblings, and even grandparents are typically involved in building sets, designing props, sewing costumes, and applying makeup on actors. Throughout our season, we also encourage involvement not just through our mainstage musicals and plays, but through our Actors Conservatory Element Teen Group activities, Academy of the Performing Arts classes, and Spring Break and Summer Camps, available for almost every age child.

We are continuing to strive to find new ways in which we can encourage children and their families to learn about and get involved in theatre.  Look into our growing list of programs and opportunities to discover where your family fits into our growing family.  Whether at a camp, a class, a meeting of our teen group, or a main-stage musical, we look forward to meeting you soon, as a participant, volunteer, or audience member — or maybe, all three!

We welcome you to Get Into The ACT!