(Membership renewals are due in January or June of each year)

Platinum Sponsors:  $1,000.00 level

Gold Sponsors:  $500 level

Silver Sponsors:  $200 level

Bronze Sponsors:  $100 Level

R. Neil and L. Jean Ferguson                    $100.00

M. Cecile Storrie                                               100.00

Active Partner Non Profit Arts Organization:  $50.00 Level

The Actors Conservatory Theatre              50.00

The Colony Playhouse                                     20.00

Greater Lewisville Community Theatre  20.00

LakeCities Ballet Theatre                              50.00

Lakeside Arts Foundation                             50.00

Lewisville Lake Symphony  Assn., Inc.     20.00

Lewisville Civic Chorale                                  50.00

Visual Art League                                             20.00

Associate Non Profit Arts Organization:  $40.00 Level                                     50.00

Studio B Performing Arts Center                 50.00

Family Patron Level:  $30.00 Level

R. L. and Brenda Crawford                            50.00

Vernell Gregg                                                      50.00

Don and Mary Neel                                           50.00

Elaine Neinkamp                                              50.00

Gordon and Patsy Roe                                    50.00

Sam and Beth Shotts                                       50.00

Individual Patron Level:  $25.00 level

Peggy Atkerson                                                  25.00

Wanda Grice                                                      10.00

Catherine Henderson                                     25.00

Betty Holmes                                                      10.00

JoAn Stanley                                                      25.00

Nancy Thorne                                                    25.00

Nancy Wright                                                    25.00

Any local arts group or anyone who wants to show their support for the arts in the greater Lewisville area may join. Please send your donation for any of the above Membership Levels with your name, address, telephone number and email address to:

GLAA Membership

C/O the City of Lewisville

PO Box 299002

Lewisville, TX 75029-9002

We thank you for your support and continued committment to the GLAA! 

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